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 VR SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC. We are providing our audiological services at more than 4 places in Ahmednagar and its outskirts . Our goal is to provide a quality of audiological services in less price and reach to each and every persons whose are still not aware about the benefits of hearing aids and audiological service's VR SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC highly skilled team are very dedicated to giving you a best quality of services. 

Siemens hearing aid

Signia previously known as Siemens is one of the best hearing brand from Singapore. 

It has a variety of hearing aid types. Styletto X is one of the latest product. 


16 hrs battery durability. 

Made for IPhone and Android*. 

Speech Focus. 

Inbuilt Bluetooth. 

Direct connectivity to your phone. 

Automatic features. 

Water & dust resistant IP68. 

Noise and whistle sound management 

Automatic directionality. 

360° clear Speech. 

2 years warranty on basic products and 4 years warranty on Premium products. 

Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon is one of the leading hearing aid company has vast types of quality hearing aids. Manufactured from Denmark. 

Online Programmable.

Open Sound navigator. 

64 channels/ 16 bands

Rechargeable. 16 hrs battery durability.

Made for IPhone and Android*. 

Speech Focus. 

Binaural cordinatiton. 

Binaural Processing. 

Inbuilt Bluetooth. Direct connectivity to       your I phone. 

Automatic features. 

Water & dust resistant IP68.

360° Hearing.

Tinnitus support.

2.5 years warranty on all basics to top end products.  

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak (Switzerland) is a brand of Sonova group which Is also one of the best hearing aid brands . Unitron (Canada) is also one of Sonova group company. 

20 Channels/ 20 Bands

Speech in loud noise, Speech in car. 

Comfort in echo, Music,

Bluetooth connectivity, direct streaming with mobile and other Bluetooth devices. 

Speech in 360°, Wind block, whistle block,

Li-ion Battery, 16 hrs backup.

All phonak Accessories compatible.

Binaural cordinatiton, Binaural streaming. 

Tinnitus balance 

Made for IPhone and Android

IP68 dust and water resistant.

3 years warranty on Premier products and 2 years on basic products.  

Starkey Hearing aid

Starkey is one of the leading hearing aid brand from USA. There are many best products in their price list.

' Livio AI ' is one of the most trading products now a days.

24 channels /24 Bands for optimal high resolution sound imaging.

Rechargeable, App control. 

Body and Brain tracking, Fall detection

Language translation, Auto on/off

Thrive Assistant with voice commands.

Premium directionality 

Premium ear to ear noise management. 

Binaural synchronisation.

Direct streaming with Iphone & Android phone. 

whistle free and Wind noise Control.

IP68 dust and water resistant.

3 years warranty on Premium Livio hearing aid and 2 years warranty on basic products.  

Widex hearing aid. 

Widex is also one of the best quality known company from Denmark. 

15 Processing channels, 15 Fine tuning channels,

High Definition (HD) locator in

    15 channels,

    Digital Pinna, 11 Inter Ear (IE) Sound          classes, IE Variable Speed Compression,

Real Time Speech Enhancer (IE), Smart       Wind Noise

TM Manager , 5 listening programs, High Frequency Boost, Second generation Sound Sense Learn (SSL) and Real Life Insights (RLI), New True input  

Technology - Widest linear Input Dynamic Range (IDR), Soft Level Noise Reduction (SLNR),Trusound softener, TruSound Automatic Output

Control (AOC), Hammer detector,High resolution sensogram (9 fitting bands), Sound Dairy, Audibility Extender (AE), Zen IE/ZEN + IE, Reverse

focus in Moment app,

Multi directional active feedback cancellation, Speech/Music streaming template, Direct Audio Streaming for IOS and

Android (future update), Remote control (via Widex Moment App/ Tonelink app/Dex Devices) & Soundsense Adapt, Compatible with all Dex accessories. Fitted with new and improved Compass GPS 4.0

2 Years Warranty.  


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